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Posts published in “Celebrations”

Almost 8 Months

Niki Porter 0

You know that feeling you get when you can tell that something’s bothering you, but you can’t seem to pinpoint it? You come up with all these little excuses like…

Christmas Poem for Dad

Niki Porter 0

I wrapped your present up for you, And placed it under the tree. A winter hat I made for you, That I hoped would give you glee. It’s been there…

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Niki Porter 0

Dear The OCD Perspective Followers, I have had the hardest time thinking of what to post about this Thanksgiving. To be honest, I’m just feeling very blessed for everything I…

26 Candles

Niki Porter 0

Hey Everyone! This morning on my Snapchat memories, there was picture from my birthday in 2015. I showed my mom the picture and commented on how much I’ve changed in…