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Posts published in “Panic Attacks”

Medication: My Perspective

Niki Porter 0

Hello Everyone! It has been quite sometime since I’ve last posted. Between working on exposures, doing summer semester and spending time with family, my summer has been booked. I’ve wanted…

Paralyzing Fear

Niki Porter 0

Trying to explain the fear that comes from mental illness is nearly impossible. The fear that is associated with it is paralyzing. Panic attacks are there waiting to strike. And…

Has my perspective changed?

Niki Porter 0

Hello Everyone, The answer to the title of this blog is yes, my perspective has changed. Although my blog is the anxious perspective, I have come to recognize that I…

Eyes Opened

Niki Porter 0

Hi Everyone! So, yesterday something big happened that both shook me up and opened my eyes. Right after therapy yesterday my parents and I got in a car crash. I…