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Christmas Poem for Dad

Niki Porter 0

I wrapped your present up for you,

And placed it under the tree.

A winter hat I made for you,

That I hoped would give you glee.

It’s been there all December long,

And as the days went by,

I knew I’d have to move it,

Or all Christmas I would cry.


This Christmas time without you,

Has been so hard to bear.

It’s hard to think that when I wake,

You won’t be sitting there.

You always brought so much joy,

Your gap tooth grin and all.

It just won’t be the same this year,

I might just sit and bawl.


Although I miss you dearly,

I know one thing for sure.

That you are spending Christmas,

With everythings that’s pure.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas,

With all of those who have passed.

And that your day is filled with joy,

And that you have a blast.


Niki Lynn

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