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Adjusting Medications

Niki Porter 0

One of the hardest things I’ve faced with mental illness is finding the right medication. Each brain is different as well as each person. For me personally, I am extremely sensitive when it comes to physical discomfort. If I hiccup wrong or even get a twitch I start having thoughts that I am sick.

Currently I am adjusting to a medication to help with my anger and depression. The medicine is suppose to increase my dopamine levels and balance that with my seratonin levels. But during the adjustment I have been finding myself having extremes. This morning I went to the store and cleaned my room and then by early afternoon I was tired. It then switched to wanting to work on projects, to getting angry, and now I’m again calm and writing this post. And I bet in a couple hours I’ll change again.

It’s very uncomfortable and it makes you feel incapable of leaving the house. My advice for parents or friends who are around someone adjusting is to be patient. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be patient with someone acting the way I have today, but I know it helps the person not feel more guilty than they already do. It gets difficult because I know how irrational I’m being, but I can’t seem to grasp a solution to fix it. My mom spends a lot of time with me and she has mastered being patient. When I act this way, I like to talk about it to her and she lets me. I’m not saying you have to spend your day listening but on occasion just give that person assurance that they are doing well and that things will be okay.

Remember that it takes up to 6 weeks to fully adjust to a medication for mental illness. Now this being said, trust yourself. It never hurts to call your doctor if you are wondering if it’s wrong. They will be honest with you and say to give it some more time or not. I’ve found that looking at the side effects is a good idea but I have to skim them quickly or else I start to overthink it. Hang in there, be patient and allow yourself some time to adjust.


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