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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to The Anxious Perspective. I have been wanting to create this blog for over a year and with the help of my big brother it has happened. I really wanted to create something that could be of help to those suffering from mental illness as well as the loved ones who want to help but don’t know how. I always hear people say ‘look at it from my perspective’ and I am ready for people to hear a perspective of someone with a mental illness.

I was diagnosed a year ago with OCD, but to be honest it did surprise me a little because to me OCD meant only a fear of germs. I have since learned that it can also be intrusive thoughts that a person can’t seem to get rid of. My main intrusive thoughts usually have to do with harming others or myself using my hands, a belt or a knife. Sounds scary right? Well it definitely is. I want this blog to be a true perspective so I’m going to write it as how I really do think about it. I’m not going to write on a specific schedule because for someone with mental illness each day is different. You can go to bed on top of the world and wake up a be afraid to leave it.

Even though I have some really bad days, I’ve come to realize that with the right medical help and support system you can live a good life. If you have any questions or comments that you don’t want publicly seen please feel free to email

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